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A birth of a design

Made in our craftsmen workshop based on quality criteria that are always more demanding. That’s what leads us to innovate and create special hand made wooden sunglasses made from natural wood FSC labeled.



Pourquoi le bois


Never ending hours

“Profitez de chaque instant, se nourrir de chaque rayon”

Laissez-vous transporter par “Never ending hours”, notre ode à la journée la plus longue de l’année.
Visionner "Never ending hours"

Rezin Stories


Noir Gaazol is an itinerant concept store created by two high school lovers: Antoine & Angela. After losing contact, they found each other back – like in beautiful fairy tails – and came up randomly with this original idea. We met Angela so we can learn more about their universe, their experiences and the future of Noir Gaazol.    « We both wanted to create something, and do it together. I used to bargain-hunt on the Internet, look for brands that were not sold…


 There’s nothing better than going back into the past, lose all track of land tracks and senses and feel carried away. Human kind monopolized the sky for centuries to push the limits to go always further and higher. This air conquest rhymed by the technical innovation allowed us go from the ground to space in less than a century. Between that, there are some passionate people, like Florian. From a pilot father, Florian always had his eyes up in the cloud since…

FOCUS : Stone Sunglasses are now available.

Try them: the new lightweight stone sunglassesAvailable here : GRAFFITE      When we created the 2015 collection , we decided to make a very special pair of sunglasses. With a unique conception, the glasses are made out of two materials that surprisingly complete each other harmonically: mahogany and granite. It is, indeed, a pair of granite stone sunglasses. They are named: GRAFFITE   Based on a vintage design, the round-shape frame reminds us of the raw granite stone. GRAFFITE are build on a fabrication process called…

PROFIL : ETIK Motorcycle – Vintage Motorcycle makers.

Etik is a duet coming from Rouen, France working as aesthetic preparers for vintage motorcycle. Build from the ground up in the beginning of 2014 by Ben & Damien, it all started in the back of Damien’s garage. These two childhood friends did not start this adventure out of nowhere, after spending years and years dreaming of riding legendary motorcycles. After spending entire days trying to give a unique soul to these motorcycles, that looked until then more like wreck than « café-racer », the…


A trip by train It is 7 PM in Stockholm; we get on the train going to Kiruna in Lapland. In the north of Sweden, the night trip is 1200km long. The night was short; it is 4:30 AM, I was awaken by an alarm in the train. No one seems to worry much, not even the board staff. Everything goes back to normal, but I cannot go back to sleep again. I start to discover the landscape we’ve been going through. Endless…


To introduce this first article of our subject « URBAN ESCAPE », we will show you the « Paris Little belt » . This former train track was done in 1869 and has circulated around Paris on 32KM. It was used for the freight transport before to be open to the passenger few decades later. In parallel, the newly constructed Metropolitan was used by way more people and has lead people to use the Metro instead of the Little Belt.    Today, this track is…


An island of dream and escape: Welcome to Bali The island, located in the middle of 17.500 other islands that constitute the Indonesian archipelago is one of the most known and sought after . Full of mysterious islands and preserved from tourists, it as an enjoyable island to discover. The wild landscapes, the smiling people and the strong culture make it a unique place to capture.   After a short night in the public transports, we left in the early morning to start the…

Pourquoi le bois ?

1. Un style unique
La particularité du bois est de rendre chaque lunette unique. L’authenticité et l’âme du bois se retranscrivent de manière différente sur chaque paire.
2. Un confort inégalable
Grâce au procédé d'assemblage de fines couches de bois, nos lunettes sont très légères (25 grammes). Cette légèreté procure un confort incomparable au porté.

Vous ne les sentirez quasiment pas !
3. L'accessoire indispensable
Les bois utilisés sont traités contre l'infiltration de l’eau. Baignez-vous avec, surfez-avec, aillez l’esprit tranquille.
4. Verres de qualité : Carl Zeiss
Toutes nos lunettes sont équipées du célèbre manufacturier Allemand : CARL ZEISS. Nos verres protégeront vos yeux en toutes circonstances et procureront une netteté de vision parfaite.