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An island of dream and escape: Welcome to Bali


The island, located in the middle of 17.500 other islands that constitute the Indonesian archipelago is one of the most known and sought after . Full of mysterious islands and preserved from tourists, it as an enjoyable island to discover. The wild landscapes, the smiling people and the strong culture make it a unique place to capture.





After a short night in the public transports, we left in the early morning to start the island tour. We drove in the lands looking for natural landscapes, in an old car with squeaky suspension, barely big enough for the four of us. After a few hours of winding roads, we arrived on top of a mountain that offered a view on the two biggest lake of Bali.



Bali_lac    Bali_portrait_lac



We kept going, heading to the Sekumpul waterfalls and discovered the environment of the local who live thanks to their planting in distant forests. Once there, we stepped down some stairs to a sumptuous place. What an amazement to see waterfalls in the middle of a wild, dense forest.



Bali_cascade IMG_8250



On the way back, we met some old friends. Some of them hurried to try our wooden sunglasses that are perfectly in adequacy with their environment.








The following evening, we lead of for our biggest challenge of the entire trip. Our most outstanding memory: the volcano ascent, peaking at 3.142m. We started the climbing at night with a local guide, an outdated front lamp and a 10kg bag. We started the trek with a prayer in a temple at the bottom of the volcano. A rough, unstable, sandy and slippery ground is waiting. A 6 hours night climb with a flashlight… The intense and painful effort will soon be forgotten once we saw the landscape. Literally no words can describe what we saw that morning.








IMG_9497 IMG_9509



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