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Noir Gaazol is an itinerant concept store created by two high school lovers: Antoine & Angela. After losing contact, they found each other back – like in beautiful fairy tails – and came up randomly with this original idea.


We met Angela so we can learn more about their universe, their experiences and the future of Noir Gaazol.




« We both wanted to create something, and do it together. I used to bargain-hunt on the Internet, look for brands that were not sold in France, so I wanted to create a concept store. But it was something I imagined creating in 10 years, after building a whole different career » confesses Angela.

But after seeing how successful Food trucks in France and Fashion Trucks in the United States were, she thought she had to start this adventure right now. « We wanted to offer something new »


Their uniqueness, besides their mobility, is found in their selection of revisited vintage products, their trendy clothes and accessories, their mini coffee shop and their mini gallery. Luckily, they got support from their architect friends Eva, Chloé and Baptiste to design their unusual 22m3 black truck.




Concept stores are not a new trend; these shops are spreading everywhere and need to stand out. That’s what the couple wanted to do. After 8 years in Paris, they wanted to launch a project while being able to discover what the world has to offer. « We were at a time of our life where we wanted to move because we both studied here. When the idea came up, we thought it would be the perfect way to escape a bit, meet new people, get out of our everyday life and our comfort zone. »


Their need for escaping also comes from their trips together. Angela and Antoine love to visit Nordic countries. « When we travel, we don’t often go where the sun is shining! Sweden, Denmark, Berlin, Amsterdam are places that inspire us. »

They find their inspiration through those trips in the Scandinavian and Nordic countries.




REZIN, who is also driven by the passion of traveling, found the perfect spot at Noir Gaazol. «We already had accessories and jewellery, but no sunglasses yet. We thought it was a new product that could fit at music festivals. And we were right, business is doing great! »


Noir Gaazol’s future hasn’t been decided yet. When we asked Angela where she sees their itinerant truck in two years, her answer surprised us: « In two year? Hmm… I hope we will still be there (laugh) and that we would have moved everywhere! We don’t want to launch other trucks, nor franchise it or create a fixe place. But we would love to stay in this temporary concept. We’re thinking about containers. But for now we’re focused on the present. We want Noir Gaazol to stay something small. We want the truck to be just the two of us. »




Angela admits being very sought after; six months after their opening party, the two lovebirds are drowning under work. Their work is the reason they wake up in the morning. They want to ensure that things work well.


Launching such an important project with her companion wasn’t an easy thing to do:

« It was really complicated at first. Antoine and I have a passionate relationship. We’ve known each other for 10 years and we we've been together for 4 years, we had ups and downs. But we thought carefully before creating this project and we really wanted to do it together. It took us 6 months to get along. At work, we have two completely different views. We managed to adapt ourselves ultimately and we’re proud we made it. »

But it is also a pleasure experience she loves to share with him:

« Since the beginning of Noir Gaazol we met so many people, we’ve been to incredible places and it’s really pleasant to share that. And taking the roads with someone we’re close to and intimate with makes the adventure easier! »


This summer is pretty busy for them! « We‘re going to Amsterdam this weekend (07/08/2015 to 09/08/2015). We’re at a festival in Amsterdam Pllek. Then, we would enjoy our 4 days off in the city to get new inspiration, discover concept stores, look for new brands, and visit places that could eventually welcome us in the future. Then, we’re taking the road again to Berlin. We’re going to a 3 days festival called the Secrets festival (14/08/2015 au 16/082015), 30 minutes away from the city. Then again we have a week off in Berlin that will allow us to get inspiration. We will end up with the first anniversary of a place named Neue Heimat located in a warehouse at Friedrichshain near the East side Gallery. »


We wish you to bump into Noir Gaazol during their summer tour to discover their unseen universe! Check their tour program on their website: http://noirgaazol.com.