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A trip by train


It is 7 PM in Stockholm; we get on the train going to Kiruna in Lapland.


In the north of Sweden, the night trip is 1200km long. The night was short; it is 4:30 AM, I was awaken by an alarm in the train. No one seems to worry much, not even the board staff. Everything goes back to normal, but I cannot go back to sleep again. I start to discover the landscape we’ve been going through.


Endless firs in a hilly area completely deserted and preserved. The sun starts to rise. The pinkish sunlight hits the firs top, and it is amazing to look at. The first morning in Lapland will be unforgettable.


Laponie - train

 Laponie - train

Road Trip - Scandinavie



We enjoy the snow a bit before taking the car for a ten hours ride. Without having a planned itinerary, we head north, aiming for the Norway fjords.



Road Trip - Scandinavie 
  Road Trip - Scandinavie


Strong gusts hit the road on dozen kilometers. We haven’t seen much cars, roads are empty and the weather doesn’t get any better. The sun painfully rises and won’t get higher for the rest of the day. It is not 7PM, but 12 PM and we’re heading to the Fjords.


 Road Trip - Scandinavia-Baltic.-38


 Road Trip - Scandinavia-Baltic.-15



We finally arrive at the Norwegian fjords, and the weather is getting worse. But we haven’t lost it all; the clouds will disappear and will let us see the beauty of the sky.


Road Trip - Scandinavia-Baltic.-1-2