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To introduce this first article of our subject « URBAN ESCAPE », we will show you the « Paris Little belt » . This former train track was done in 1869 and has circulated around Paris on 32KM. It was used for the freight transport before to be open to the passenger few decades later. In parallel, the newly constructed Metropolitan was used by way more people and has lead people to use the Metro instead of the Little Belt.




Today, this track is closed in major part, although there is still remaining portion which are used for public spaces where people can walk and rest. This dark mysterious old track is a unique place in Paris to practice urban exploration. Plenty of artist, grafers, comes to let their trace on the concrete.


IMG_5085  IMG_5120


We arrive around 7PM on the spot where we were supposed to get in. To enter, we had to  cross an active building site and get through a little whole on a concrete wall that lead to the tunnel. A one kilometer  length black tunnel was facing us. At this moment you can feel the spirit of the urban exploration, this impression of going through an unknown path. We went forward during twenty minutes into the tunnel, flash in hands till we start to see the end. What a sensation to discover a place like this lost in the center of Paris.


« An unlikely chance to discover a place like this in Paris.»